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35mm Concealed Hinge Boring Tool


The model 50-U is both usable on a drill press for shop use or on a standard 38" electric drill motor for hand held applications.

The tool can be mounted on a drill press and removed at any time for field situations and then easily reinstalled on the drill press.

The tool features automatic boring depth stop, a non-skid base to protect a work piece, centerline positioning for additional hinge boring, and can drill for leg leveler systems.

The tool can use 20mm, 35mm, and 40mm x 57mm bits not included, and is designed for custom size cabinetry as well as for use with the 32mm system making it usable on all brands of hardware.


  • Base and Bridge: Machined P.V.C.
  • Bearings: Bronze
  • Shaft: Machined Steel
  • Fence: Aluminum
  • Collars: Machined Steel
  • Handles: Plastic
  • Finish: None
  • Color: Grey
  • Size: .75"W x 5"D x 6.5"H - assembled

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Catalog#: ED50-U, Suggested Retail Price: $108.95

ED-DPK-1.5 drill press kit For ED50-U

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Accessory:  Drill Press Kit

Catalog#: ED-DPK-1.5 drill press kit,  Suggested Retail Price: $42.95

Downloadable Instructions
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Click to see larger picture of Euro-Drill mounted to a drill press with
Optional Drill Press Kit



35 x 57mm Bit For ED50-U


Catalog#: 35x57mm bit, Suggested Retail Price: $30.75